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ACF Accordion field

  • Hi all

    I was excited to see an accordion field in ACF pro but i can’t get it to work.

    I have set up a field with an ‘Accordion’ type and then a content WYSIWYG field underneath which according to the the docs with attach it to this panel until another is defined.

    I have repeated this twice for two panels.

    I can’t however, find any documentation on how to actually implement this. It says it will generate collapsible panels with the label as the title but it does not.

    Any help on the actual code for this would be greatly appreciated

    My accordion panels are just called Panel and panel two with the text content being accordion_text_1 and accordion_text_2

    I would usually start with code in the support forum but I don’t actually know where to start. At the moment, I have simply called the two WYSIWYG content fields


  • Are you talking about the front end of the site or the admin?

    The accordion field is an admin construct similar to a tab field for organizing the input of fields. It will not create an accordion on the front end of the site.

    For the front end you would need to use some type of JavaScript library that creates an accordion, like bootstrap, and output the content of the fields as needed by that library.

  • Hi John

    Ah I see – I completely mis-understood


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