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ACF 5.3.1 breaks the ACF Repeater Collapser plugin

  • As the title states, ACF 5.3.1 breaks compatibility with the ACF Repeater Collapser (ACF-RC) plugin (

    Even though we now have a (very small) toggle to expand / collapse flexible content blocks, the way that ACF-RC works is still better:

    – A global expand / collapse toggle
    – Collapsing a layout block shows the first field of that block, which makes it much easier to label and identify different instances of the same layout block.

    I’m sure that the ACF-RC dev would be happy to see this functionality in ACF core (, so is there any chance of this happening?

    I realise it’s quite an edge case, but for those of use that are using Flexible content fields to implement page builders, the ACF-RC functionality really does help, so I’m hoping that something can be done to get this functionality back and stable, so that future releases of ACF don’t break it again,

  • FWIW, you certainly have my complete blessing to make the plugin obsolete 🙂

  • I have a whole site that basically relies on this plugin, so I’d REALLY like to see it get fixed and/or added to the core. As it stands I have some very angry clients and need to find a solution for them.

  • @colinf While it is only a partial fix, this pull request may get you most of the way there for some of your clients.

    I’ll try to get a full fix out soon, but I’m leaning toward a fuller rewrite so that it’s a little less break-prone in the future…

  • Thanks – I’ll take it for a test toast and see what happens…

  • 5.3.2 completed the addition of built in functionality for repeater fields. Not sure how this is going to affect the repeater collapser plugin.

  • So.

    Any updates on this? Or is this not an important enough issue to update?

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