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Accessing ACF fields from an external php script

  • I have a cron tab running some PHP scripts periodically to generate a calendar ical file from a URL. To enhance the output I need to access an email address for each of the meetings in that calendar, which are held as ACF fields in my WordPress site.

    I am having difficulty locating where exactly in the database these fields are. The first ACF was added some time ago and is held in the post table with acf-field as its type, owned by an acf-field-group post. However, the field I am after was added more recently and is not held in the same way. So where do I look please?

  • What I think you are looking at are the field group and field references that are saved as posts. Values for fields are saved to the _postmeta, _termmeta, _usermeta or options tables, depending on what the field group is attached to.

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