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Accessing ACF field in WP_POST object / syntax

  • Hi there,

    I have a feed that takes a parameter

    $url = ‘’ . $ticker . ”;

    I need $ticker to be generated dynamically, because many stocks need to be displayed at the same time. To combat this. I created a CPT for companies. In companies, I created an ACF called ‘stock_ticker’.

    $query= new WP_Query(array(
    	'post_type'=>'companies', // your post type name
    	'posts_per_page' => -1, // post per page
    	'nopaging' => true,
    	'post_status' => 'publish',
    	'orderby' => 'menu_order title',
    	'order' => 'ASC',
    	// 'meta_key'      => 'bekeruljon_a_scrollerbe',
    	// 'meta_value'    => '1'
    $elements = $query->posts;
    foreach ( $elements as $index => $element ) {
    // $ticker = $element->post_title; // This works, but the title is not what I need
    $ticker = get_field('feed_id'); //  This is something that I would need, but I'm guessing I'm accessing it the wrong way.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Managed to access date like so:

    $tickerid = $element->ID;
    $ticker = get_field(‘feed_id’, $tickerid );

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