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_acf_nonce always "false" in $_POST

  • Hi, this is possibly merely a question and not an issue –

    I have an acf_form(), and it creates all the hidden fields it’s supposed to create, including “_acf_nonce” with a numeric value. On submit, the form “is validating”, and eventually, is “validated”, then moved on to “/?updated”.

    However, when I look at the $_POST I always get “acf_nonce => bool(false)”, which makes me think something is not safe and ok after all.

    Thanks for a brief reply.

  • Just answering my own question in case someone needs this info:

    According to this document listing acf code –

    acf resets the nonce to “false” upon verification. So “false” as value for ‘acf_nonce’ in the $_POST actually means ‘verified’.

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