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4.3.0 Terms Custom Field Broken?

  • Hi, I just updated from 4.2.2 to 4.3.0, and the Custom Fields from Terms stopped working.

    My code:`<?
    foreach ($terms as $term) {
    $field_query = $taxonomyName . '_' . $term->term_taxonomy_id;
    if (get_field ('icono_pequeno', $field_query)):
    echo (the_field ('icono_pequeno', $field_query));

    The output is blank.

  • Hi @mandarinazul

    Thanks for the report. Before we look into the source code, can you address these issues with your code?

    1. Have you validated the data of $terms
    2. Does your loop run correctly. Can you show this?
    3. What is $taxonomyName
    4. I think $term->term_taxonomy_id; should be $term->term_id;
    5. Have you tested $field_query
    6. echo (the_field is not needed, the_field will already echo the value.


  • Hi!

    1. Yes, it’s ok
    2. My loop works ok, i’m working right now in a local server, tomorrow I will upload it to an online server
    3. A string with the taxonomy slug: “categoria_proyecto”
    4. Both term_taxonomy_id and term_id are the same string
    5. Yes: “categoria_proyecto_10”
    6. Thanks!

    Now, something strange happened, I downloaded the 4.3.0 ZIP from wordpress site and copied the files directly to the plugins folder, and everything worked again fine. I couldn’t reproduce the bug again.

    It was very strange. This morning, after I updated using wordpress back-end, the problem happened. I couldn’t reproduce the bug right now, but maybe it can occur only after updating from 4.2.2 to 4.3.0?

  • Hi @mandarinazul

    Very strange! Who knows, but happy to hear it’s working for you!


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