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2x Activation on ACF PRO (Personal license)

  • Hi, Currently I am still in heavy development and decided to update my profile today to be ready for’s launch. I discovered that I have Activations 2 of 1. After testing I know these are my local xampp install for development and my main website at

    My question is due to the xampp being a local only environment for development, do I need to upgrade the license?

    If so what does deactivating do apart from removal of automatic updates?

    Otherwise I can deactivate it online until ready. I do find it confusing the website allows 2 of 1 unless this is already taken into account. Any clarification would be great. Thank You.

  • Hi @Matthew O’Donnell

    Thanks for the question. The license should only allow for 1 use, not 2, so this is a bug I will look into.

    The activation code is only to unlock updates to the website, so you don’t need to activate the live site until your site is out of dev.


  • I wonder if there is anyway to deactivate a license remotly?
    For exemple, I actvated the plugin in an DEV server and forgot to deactivate it!

    No access to DB.

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