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  • Hi @iamntz

    The only way for the options page add-on to play nicely with WPML is to create a translation of the field group for each translation.

    Each options page field group will need a prefix for the field names. This prefix is the WPML language code (en_, fr_)

    A field group for english may have a field called en_twitter, en_headline, etc..

    Then, in your template file, you can find the current language code (WPML uses a constant for this, not sure exactly what it is off the top of my head).

    Use this language code to generate the field name: eg:

    get_field( LANG_CODE . '_twitter', 'options');

    I hope that helps.

    Your other option is to use a custom post type called options. That way you can use WPML as normal. But instead of using ‘options’ as the second param of get_field, you will need to find the post ID of the optiosn post type object