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  • Thanks so much for your reply. I can give you more.
    I have a custom post type for employees. The employees have publications on the internet and the admin will be putting these into the system. They will select from a post object field that is set up to select from the custom post type employees. This selects the employee and list them as the author of the post under the category of “publication” as mentioned about with cat ID of 10.

    Now on the employees page you can select an employee. When you select an employee you are taken to their bio page (single-employees.php) where I am trying to do a 2 post wp_query of post that they have been selected as the author. I couldn’t use the default author field for this because employees are not users.

    the author is set up as a post object for the custom post employees as Field label “Author” and Field Name “author_field”.

    Below I have attached some screen shots. I hope this helps and thanks again.