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  • Thank you for the reply elliot. Can you tell me how to “debug the acf_form_head function”? Also, I don’t understand how to use the $options array. I didn’t know if when they said to “just use this snippet” if that meant to use it as a template and fill in my own stuff in certain areas, or what.

    I’ve disabled all my plugins and reverted to a fresh Twenty Thirteen and I still can’t get my frontend form to work. I can see an Add Image button and Update button but the update is not working. I’m not saving the data.

    I know the backend works because I assigned this image upload field to the dashboard page of “school-logo” and when an image is loaded through that, it displays just right on my site using <img src="<?php the_field('school_logo_image'); ?>" />

    I need to be able to move many of theme options to the frontend of the site so any information is great.