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  • Hi @smohlke

    Thanks again for the above code.

    After some reviewing, I’m not sure this can be added into the core due to a potential data conflict issue.

    There is a case when taxonomy terms will be saved to object 5. Object 5 can be both a post AND a user. Although this situation is unlikely, it make occur in a large scale web app when importing many entries where the data is connected with taxonomies in a complicated way.

    For example, a user may be connected to a ‘company’ and also a page may be connected to a ‘company’ – in this case, ‘company’ is a taxonomy term.

    When editing the page or the user, the term relationship data would not be unique and would override each other.

    I think for now, I won’t add this in but will leave this for a future day when I can find a better solution.