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  • Hey Elliot,

    I can select the suboptions page in the interface, but fields are just not shown. Also not if I do this via code.

    For the field issue, I use this code to create a field:

    array (
    	'key' => 'field_5266967c15e4a',
    	'label' => 'Field',
    	'name' => 'field-name',
    	'type' => 'text',
    	'default_value' => '',
    	'placeholder' => '',
    	'prepend' => '',
    	'append' => '',
    	'formatting' => 'html',
    	'maxlength' => '',

    And I use this code to get the field value

    get_field( 'field-name', 'options' );

    But when I dump the result, I get a false.