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  • I use several smaller texts surrounded with formatted code – it’s like using forms in the admin. The original text input area remains empty, I changed the content-post.php, which looks good, but breaks some wp functionality, like excerpt generation, rss texts, etc. I guess the proper way should be using a function or filter to replace the_content or post_content.
    I made something like this – still not the right code.

    function new_filter_content($content) {
    	if( is_single() && is_main_query() ) {
      		if(get_field('what')) {$new_content .= 'blah' . get_field('what') . 'blah';} 
    		if(get_field('where')) {$new_content .= 'blah' . get_field('where') . 'blah';} 
    		 $content = $new_content;}	
    	return $content;}
    add_filter('the_content', 'new_filter_content');