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  • Oh, I see, you meant the $contentgo if statement.

    Yea, i was doing that for testing and had the contentgo var being loaded with something else… i’ve spruced everything up and its still unfortunately not working.

    Code as of now:

    	if ( get_field('do_cf_resume_item_block','option') ) :
    		echo '<div class="resume-block-container">';
    			while ( has_sub_field('do_cf_resume_item_block','option') ) : 
    				// Get Vars
    				$content = get_sub_field('do_cf_resume_item_block_content');
    				$gettitle = get_sub_field('do_cf_resume_item_block_title');
    				$title = do_resume_block_title_display($gettitle);
    				echo '<div class="resume-block-item">';
    					echo '<h3>' . $title . '</h3>';
    					echo '<div class="resume-block-item-content">' . $content . '</div>';
    					if (empty($content)) echo 'Nothing here.';
    				echo '</div>';
    		echo '</div>';