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  • Just a quick update to my last question/issue.

    I got into the DB and looked at wp_postmeta. In there I see several new fields created after manually updating the post from within the dashboard. These are _pdf_xls_0_file, _pdf_xls, and _pdf_xls_0_type. In this instance, they have values of field_5244a55cc2d61, field_51ffa871373aa, and field_5244a63d620cd respectively. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can correctly provide this information via XML-RPC.

    Do you have any suggestions on this @elliot?

    EDIT: Obviously, this works too because I can get the post_meta, but still…

    for ($i=0, $x=get_post_meta($report->ID, 'pdf_xls', true); $i < $x; $i++) {
    	$file = wp_get_attachment_url(get_post_meta($report->ID, "pdf_xls_{$i}_file", true));
    	$type = get_post_meta($report->ID, "pdf_xls_{$i}_type", true);
    	?><a target="_blank" href="<?=$file?>"><?=$type?></a> <?php