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  • Hey @elliot, I do still seem to have one issue here.

    Although I am now able to send up all of this data via XML-RPC and receive it back as I expect it (via wp.getPost), the data does not seem to be readable in the theme.

    If I execute something like this:

    if (get_field('pdf_xls', $report->ID)) {
    	while (has_sub_field('pdf_xls', $report->ID)) {
    		$file = get_sub_field('file');
    		$type = get_sub_field('type');
    		?><a target="_blank" href="<?=$file['url']?>"><?php the_sub_field('type'); ?></a> <?php

    Then the output is <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, which seems to indicate that the get_sub_field() values are empty. If, however, I got into the post to edit it and hit UPDATE POST(without making any other modifications), then the theme code returns the values as expected.

    Am I missing something that may rationalize the data for the WP database?

    Unfortunately I don’t have direct access to the DB for this project, but I’m trying to set up an example so I can see what changes there may be before vs after the additional UPDATE.

    I’ll post any findings.