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  • Hi @elliot — no errors were returned with the debug mode set to true. I also took a look at the database and can confirm that no new post meta is being inserted into the _postmeta table upon saving the retailer pages.

    Here’s something very peculiar though…

    If I create a new page (titled “Testing Page”) and include the troubled ACF “Retailers” field on that page, it works fine on the new “Testing Page.” It’s just not working on the existing retailer pages (it used to work fine a few months ago). It shows the previous, existing retailer entries on each respective retailer page, but it’s not saving the new entries. Whereas, again, it works fine on the newly added “Testing Page.”

    Furthermore, if I edit the content field (the main WordPress content field) on the retailer pages, those changes get saved. It’s just not inserting the post meta via the ACF Repeater field into the _postmeta table on the retailer pages.

    It really is very peculiar. Any other thoughts?

    PS. Despite this strange Repeater field problem, ACF is a really great product — excellent work, man!