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  • Thanks for the quick reply, @elliot.

    I don’t believe it’s a server limit. The amount of data I’m trying to save is very small. The only data on the Page (the only data I’m saving) is two instances of a single Repeater Field. Each instance of the Repeater Field contains 9 text fields (retailer name, address, city, state, phone, etc.).

    Whenever I try to add an additional Repeater Field instance, it doesn’t save the new entry upon hitting “Update.” As I said though, it works fine on other sections of my site. It’s only the Retailers section that isn’t working.

    Just a little more info: my retailers section is broken into separate pages, organized by region. New York, Florida, Germany, United Kingdom, France, etc. and each of those separate Pages contains the Repeater Field form. Each page only has a few instances (2 – 3) of the “Retailers” Repeater Field.

    In other words, France for example only lists three retailer locations. It’s not a lot of data.

    I’ll also add this: if I add all the relevant data manually (retailers_1_name, retailers_1_address, retailers_1_city, etc.) using WordPress’s Custom Fields box, everything works fine and it saves the data. It’s just not saving the data when I use the Repeater Field input box.

    I’ll also say that it used to work fine a few months ago (the last time I tried updating the Retailers section). And again, it’s only my Retailers pages that aren’t saving properly, but the other sections where I use the Repeater Field plugin work fine. FAQs, Color Chart, etc.

    Any thoughts based on all this information?

    Thanks again.