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  • Hi guys,

    I came across this problem on my site today. We’ve been building the site over the past 2-3 weeks so we’re using the latest version of WP (3.6) and all the latest ACF, ACF Options, ACF Gallery, ACF Repeater, ACF Flex Content Plugins.

    I went through the same steps as @retorial so adding a new page (custom post type post in my case) with the same custom fields block I setup in ACF. The new page saves the data correctly.

    I did a bit of debugging. Like retorial I was getting no errors on save. I disabled the other plugins we use (WordPress SEO, TinyMCE Advanced, Responsive Lightbox, and Gravity Forms). Still no joy. I tried activating the twentythirteen theme, and then twentytwelve theme. Still nothing.

    Then I deleted a repeater field row from the page that wasn’t working and saved the page. Then Added a new repeater field row and saved. This worked. The page that wasn’t working now works.

    I need to test this further and make sure it doesn’t break again but all appears to be OK at the moment. It doesn’t however answer why there is a problem.

    I’ve got a backup of the database pre the above fix. Happy to package the database up for ACF Team to investigate it further.