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  • Hi @mandfolk

    What I did not appreciate about your original comment was the way you asked for a ‘code example’ with the least amount of words possible.

    I have already written a code example of nested repeater fields which you can find on the docs. So my first thought is that you have not looked at the docs due to these reasons:

    1. You fail to ask an actual question
    2. You fail to show any signs of research / problem solving
    3. You fail to mention any details about your issue
    4. Your statement im having the same issue is probably the most frustrating things you could say to a web developer. That and ‘it isnt working’. It gives no information, but forces me to ask you hundreds of questions.

    This is why I told you this is not a free dev service and that I am happy to answer any specific questions. Perhaps you can read over my reply to see that I did ask you to provide a specific question.

    You were the one to then fire up and use abusive language, not me.
    There is my reasoning. I hope this clears up your query.

    I am genuinely curious, why did you say that you have the same issue? Have you read the original post fully? His issues is far different from yours.