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  • I know this issue is marked as solved but I seem to be having a similar (maybe the same) problem and I thought I’d start here.

    I have a page (used as home/front-page) with 2 repeater fields. Everything seemed to be working OK until I entered data into the fields of the second repeater. Now the values of the fields appear to be permanently saved to the database and I’m unable to add or edit any values at all. I can only update them directly in the database through phpMyAdmin (or the like). I’ve tried to implement the php.ini/php_value values and that didn’t solve the issue. The only one I wasn’t sure how to get working (and confirm it) was the max_input_vars.

    FYI: Currently the site is running on MAMP

    Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Viva la ACF!