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  • Hello Elliot,

    ACF retrieved perfectly the custom field data when I use the primary language. I’ve also well selected the values for each page in the different language.

    I’ve used your tuto ( and it worked perfectly in French (the main language of the website).

    But I can’t make it work like this for the secondary languages…

    You can check over here :
    – Main language (Fr): (the table is well generated at the end of the page)

    Secondary languages
    – (Nl) :

    – (En) :

    Can you have a look at this ? It’ll help you to undertand what I’m doing…

    Do you know how to fix this ? I think that WPML and ACF are very close to make this work but I don’t know how !

    Elliot, can you have a look at this problem ?
    I can send you a few $ with Paypal if you can help me to correct this quickly ! I really need a solution !

    Thank you for your help and understanding 😀