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  • Hello Elliot,

    Here is what I did to make it work. It was more simple that what we thought 🙂
    1. I went to wpml /general settings / translation configuration.
    (Sorry if it’s not exactly like this in English, mine is in French..)
    2. I check the relationship field. I changed it from “copy of the orginal” to “to translate”.
    3. I went back in the post in the secondary languages where Advanced custom fields allow me to select the related posts. There, I removed the already selected post and I added them again. Then, I update my posts.
    4. I removed $posts = lang_object_ids( get_field(‘relation_sejour_chambre’), ‘post’ ); and I put back $posts = get_field(‘relation_sejour_chambre’);
    5. I went frontend and I updated the page. It worked 🙂

    I still have one problem and I’ve create a new ticket for it but I think it’s more something for wpml than for you 🙂 :

    Anyway, if you have an idea 🙂

    Thank you for the help you gave me Elliot !