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  • Hi @elliot. sure thing.

    At the moment, if acffields are registered with PHP (as opposed to manually creating them), there is no way (as I understand) to see those fields in the WP admin.

    It would be good to see this. So a simplified version of your admin screen (e.g

    You wouldn’t need to be able to edit the fields through the ui, just see what has been registered and what each field’s settings are (including its unique id).

    This seems to be a useful debug tool – for confirming all the fields are being registered in WP correctly, and a nice way to check if a field’s settings are as expected (a visual representation is easier to read than the code).

    It should still be possible to hide the UI completely for those who want to do that, but for me, having the benefits of registering fields with PHP AND the benefits of a visual representation in the UI would be the best of both worlds.

    just throwing that out there.