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  • This issue is not solved..


    the problem happened after we cloned the site to another server.

    1. first it was existent only for some users -my admin user was working. This explains why, in other threads on the topic, there was a note that the developers could not recreate the problem.

    2. now, after I have cleared my browser cache – my user also have this – wp is not defined javascript error

    3. error from firebug console is:

    ReferenceError: wp is not defined
    Line 13

    4. Disabling plugins showed that the only plugin on the site that generated this error was Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field.

    However, we rely very much on this plugin so disabling it is not an option..

    5. We have updated to the ACF master described in this post – and the error is still there..

    We really hope that you can put high priority on this issue as this product is no longer working.

    Best Regards,