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  • We are using default settings for WYSIWYG

    We have not set any custom caps, however we are using Woocommerce – which does, i think.

    If you have problems recreating the issue – this was my case also. Other admin users of the site reported the problem, but my user did not have any issues – so I did not believe them … until I created a new admin user and logged in as that guy – then I saw that they where telling the truth..

    Now after using CCleaner to clear everything – my user is also gets the error.

    1. we have a repeater field that has a post obj field as a sub field.
    2. we have tested it with Woocommerce’s ‘products’ as post object.
    3. we have tested it with a personal created CTP called Deals as post object.
    4. Happened on the woo single product
    5. happened on another single CTP as well (when testing if this was woo related)
    6. Problem does not occur when repeater field is disabled..

    Possible workaround is to use relationship field instead of repeater field.