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  • Hello @elliot and @jeffvls:

    Thanks for the hint on the var dumps, @jeffvls. As for the scope, let me see how I can explain this a bit clearer. So, I’m a doctoral student and I want folks to know what projects I’m working on. To do so, I’ve created a ‘projects’ custom post type. I will be writing posts that are categorized with a category that is similar if not the same title to the project I’m working on. So, I’ve used the taxonomy field to pick the category to attach to the individual project.

    There are two things I want from this category relationship:
    1) I want to echo the title of the category and then link to the category’s archive of posts;
    2) I want to list maybe the last 5 posts from that category

    , does that give you a bit more information as well?

    I’m appreciative of any help you can provide.