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  • First let me say I am loving ACF. Totally awesome.

    Your response is great, and I can tell is pointing me in the right direction… I think I need to add some additional clarification though, because my need goes a little deeper. Hopefully I can clarify.

    So I have two custom post types. “House Models” and “Neighborhoods”.

    When I save a new House Model, I enter variations in a repeater field; the variations are called “Elevations”. The Elevations are not shared by different House Models.

    Then when I am editing a Neighborhood, it has a repeater field called “Lots”. Inside each Lot I add to the repeater, I need to select a House Model (Simply done with the post_object fiel and our “Field A”). Then I need to select which Elevation of the House Model was built on that Lot with a select field (Field B). Ideally Field B will be limited to ONLY the Elevations entered for the chosen Home Model in Field A.

    Where I feel stuck now, how do I populate Field B with the Elevations saved to the Home Model selected in Field A. The difficulty comes for me because of the multiple instances of Field A and Field B because they are inside a repeater themselves…

    Does that make it any clearer?

    I REALLY appreciate your help!!!

    – David Ray