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  • Oh no, I’m not saying you should remove the attribute at all.

    But maybe you misunderstood my problem. I am using the pagespeed server edition (I wasn’t talking about the one that is installed on top of Firebug or on Google Chrome). It’s a module that when installed on the server on top of apache or nginx, it will minify the final HTML, JavaScript and CSS code in order to optimize it.

    One of pagespeed’s optimization features, is to remove the type='text' from inputs, since according to the HTML5 w3 standard

    The missing value [of the input’s type] default is the Text state.

    My request is just to add input:not([type]) to the jQuery selectors. So when the type is missing, it would be considered as if <input type='text' />.

    If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, you can view the PageSpeed module here: