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  • Thank you for getting back to me Elliot. Regarding to your questions:

    Can you elaborate more on this ‘text area’ field? Is this field part of teh same field group of zip_file? If so, can you look at the source code to see if the zip_file field is created?

    No, “zip_file” is the only field created.

    If the ‘text area’ field is part of another field group, then for some reason, ACF is finding the wrong field group for this post_id parameter.

    There are no other field group. I probably have to look deeper into this.

    May I ask what the $post_id value is?

    I am having problem only with new post, to display this custom field before even able to submit the form. I used ‘new’ for $post_id, so I can handle it later like the tutor.

    If it is not a real post, you will have to specify the field group IDs manually like in the tutorial. This is missing from your code.

    Okay, I will try that. About group IDs, are you referring to this part of the code?

    $args = array(
        'post_id' => 'new',
        'field_groups' => array( 123 )

    If yes, the 123 is the field group ID number from the URL when we edit the field group


    correct? Thank you once again!