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  • Hi Elliot

    I do know how to use it (create a custom field and display it live on the Internet) and it works on one of my other themes. Not knowing how to use it is not the problem. It showing live on this theme ( that is the problem.

    The problem is it does not work on this theme. Meaning when i click the preview or the update button in WP using this theme – the content of the custom field does not appear, but it does with another theme.

    I would not know what code you would need to see – as i do not know why it is not working. Please do not worry about this question.

    I have reread the documentation and tried to apply what i have read, but it will not display the field and its content on the live webpage.

    Again, it does work in another theme but not this one (…….meaning i can create a field but not display it live on the net.

    Thanks for your help.


    P.S. It may be this plug in does not work on all themes or a person can get it to work if they know what coding to change, which i don’t and is fine with me, but i thought i would try and see if someone knows a solution.