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  • @squarestarmedia, that’s a different bug that I also experienced (, but that’s not what I’m experiencing here.

    I have a development site where I create all my fields with the ACF user interface. The easiest way to make sure my live site and my development site are using the same fields is with the php export.

    I have ACF installed as a normal plugin on both sites. On my live site I define ACF_LITE to true, then in a custom plugin, I check to see if ACF_LITE is true and I include a php file with the code from the php export.

    In version 4.2.2 everything worked great. When I upgrade, it completely breaks, and by that I mean, I see NO fields in the admin section, and none of the fields are returned on the front end. When I revert back to 4.2.2 everything works fine again.

    When I first attempted the upgrade, I also upgraded WordPress, so I reverted back to wordpress 3.6.1 and ACF 4.2.2. Since then I’ve upgraded wordpress and kept ACF the same, so I’m experiencing the same functionality on WP 3.6.1 and 3.7.1.