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  • Hi guys,

    I too have required this and have noticed your thread.

    My needs are not too great, so I focused on simply getting the ball rolling (Which seems to work great in first tests).

    This version works very similar to tabs, just add a column field – select the width – and then the fields that follow will occupy the column. If you want to reset it to a full width layout then just create another column with the reset option.

    It seems to work fine with tabs, although be sure to use it inside tabs, and not tabs inside columns.

    I know this needs a lot more work, such as styling and stuff – but hey we can work on that!


    Let me know how it goes if anyone gives this a try, i’d love to know how/if it works with conditional logic (Although most probably not).


    EDIT: @emcniece – I really like the idea of being able to expand fields if the user desires it. I also think it would be great to get some responsive layout into this (ie: if the browser gets too small, flatten the columns) – it’s not difficult but I just want to get it fully functioning first 🙂