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  • Interesting thought @drrobotnik, but I’m not sure that the application is the same as in Gravity Forms. It does make sense to start with a class add-on and work up, but this thread was started with the admin view / post edit pages in mind instead of the theme side. Usually when I work with ACF in a theme, I display the fields as needed and don’t rely on formatting at all.

    This is definitely an issue that Gravity Forms struggles with as well though – editing forms gets to be annoying once they move past page break.

    If a class is added and used within the administration edit pages, there’s no reason that it can’t also be added to the field object and retrieved in the theme. Since field data can be retrieved with get_field() etc, maybe it would make sense to have layout data available as well!

    Do you guys think we should be writing this as a standalone ACF plugin?