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  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    However, my database knowledge is not the best..
    Although i think i found a solution to my problem.
    The field_option_flexible_content “data-id”.
    I know that you are not a fan of nested flexible content, but I
    have no choice.

    If i do like this it works:
    I create 2 or more layouts of flexible content.
    Then inside of flexible content layout 2 > I put the nested flexible content. Then I can have more than 1 layout of flexible content.

    Flexible content layout(data-id:0)
    —————–layout(data-id:1) > Flexible content layout (data-id:0)
    ——————————————————layout (data-id:1)

    Then I just go back and delete the first empty layout.

    Best regards /