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  • Hi!
    Great support for this issue. Thanks.

    Working version is Versions:
    4.2.2 ACF Core
    1.0.2 Flexible Content Field
    1.0.1 Repeater Field

    Wondering what this is:
    What’s new

    Core: get_field can now be used within the functions.php file

    If you could not before, something with the scope should have been changed?

    We are in the middle of late working nights right now to rollback all the projects that been affected by the auto update by the admins all over. ACF has a hight update freq, and has Always been stable, relyible. Its one of the few plugin we update without do the testdrive on each install first.

    As soon as p, within a few days, I will do the die() trace, but it so much easier if we get a understanding of the changes in the latest version. This is where we need to track what the latest update does diffrently:

    // loop
    $other_page = get_the_id();
    function doit($other_page){
     while(has_sub_field('repeater_field_name', $other_page))
       while(has_sub_field('flexible_field_name', $other_page))
        if(get_row_layout() == 'row_name_1'){
          foreach(get_sub_field('posts') as $p){
           $new_other_page = $p->ID;
    function goto_function_write_post($new_other_page){
     $obj = get_post($new_other_page);
     $other_page = $obj->ID;
      $ACF = get_post_meta($other_page, 'repeater_field_name', true);
       if($ACF) doit($other_page);

    It is a brain resoucing procedure … If you cant see anything particular in this chain that might couse a global scope, then give me a hint.

    Otherwise I come back within a few days and report my tracking / comparing versions output, and we go from there with this thread.

    Thanks so far!