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  • The latest version, 4.3.1, resolves issue for my setup. Page with issue is now rendering exactly as with ACF 4.2.2.

    My layout and loop sounds less complex than @Intervik’s. It is a single loop, which can run at most one time, and lists multiple posts containing the same set of custom fields.

    Confirmation procedure:

    1. Delete all cached versions of troublesome page. I wasted a lot of time in debugging and confirming the fix just due to resilient caching schemes.
      • Turn off all caching plug-ins.
      • Manually delete wp-content/cache directory.
      • Delete browser cache.
    2. Load page with ACF 4.2.2 -> PASS
    3. Replace ACF 4.2.2 with ACF-master from GitHub
    4. Load page with ACF-master (4.3.1) -> PASS
    5. Replace ACF-master (4.3.1) with ACF 4.3.0 from GitHub
    6. Load page with ACF 4.3.0 -> FAIL (as expected; sanity check)
    7. Replace ACF 4.3.0 with ACF 4.3.1 from WordPress plug-in page
    8. Load page with ACF 4.3.1 -> PASS

    , thanks for the quick turn-around on this.

    BTW, any way to append version number on WordPress hosted file, e.g. “”? It helps to quickly identify needed version of file and fast to archive without extra edit (and chance of label error) on user’s part.