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  • Ok, here goes for a more in depth explanation.

    In the standard content editor when you go to insert media and upload an image. You are able to add caption text to the image. Once you click the insert into post button this text is displayed in the editor under the image as a caption(and then on the frontend it displays as a caption as well).

    When I switch to the text view on the standard editor I can see a caption shortcode wrapped around the image.

    However, when I am using a WYSIWYG field from ACF and I click insert media and upload an image, the caption doesn’t get added to WYSIWYG editor.

    And I don’t see the caption shortcode if I view the text version of the WYSWIG editor.

    Does that help any? Let me know if there is more information you need. Thanks for the help! And thanks for the plugin, it is the most useful plugin in my toolkit!