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  • Hi @elliot,

    Okay, thanks for the clarification. I figured something wasn’t filtering in. That’s great news on making more options for ACF front end. For now, I am making some cool adjustments via the message field and simply adding wrapping divs for some neat combining with Bootstrap.

    Anyhow, RE the validation.. Yes, ACF is validating correctly, I think I phrased this question incorrectly. I would like to change the text for the validation error so its a little more user friendly… So something like “Opps, looks like something is missing” as opposed to the word “invalid.”

    Along those lines also, is there a way to place the validation error message next to the submit button? This again is regarding the front end submission.

    A couple suggestions that would be awesome regarding validation are:

    – the above if not currently possible
    – With the “Tabs” auto grouping, that the tab gets a class “acf-group-contains-error” or something if a field within the tab group has a validation error. This would allow styling of that tab to make it more obvious to the user.
    – Individual validation messages per field. So if I have a phone number field, i could customize the message for that specfic field to be “Please provide your phone number.” as opposed to a generic “field is required.”

    I tried messing around with some jQ to get the above working but was unsuccessful. I am definitely not the type to request something without first trying at least.

    Made the simple changes of .live to .on in all the addons, so I’m not worried.

    Thanks Elliot.