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  • Thanks! got part if it working now.
    $args['cat'] = implode(",", wp_get_post_categories($post->ID));
    I was sending an array and your code is looking for a string.

    I still need to figure out a couple of things:

    For the Relationship field I would like to limit the number of items that the user can add to the right to only one item instead of multiple items. I know through the UI you can set a max number of records to return, but this is not what I am trying to figure out.

    I have some jQuery that listens for category changes and captures the string of categories. You mentioned this “What you want to do is load the same wp-admin page, but target the correct select field (either via classes or id attribute). Then just replace the original one with what the AJAX returns.” in the your original response. This is the part I am struggling. with now. I have have the bits of code and now I just need to do the final hook up.

    Any points or threads you can point me at?