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  • @Jonathan Thanks for the detailed response! I do know about WP’s built-in archive functionality, so I should have mentioned that I want my client to be able to edit content on these pages. That’s why I’m taking the page template approach.

    I also should have been clearer in my description above, and said that my custom field is also named “q_and_a_category”. Hence this:

    ‘key’ => ‘q_and_a_category’

    For clarity (and to avoid any potential conflicts) I have changed the custom field name to “q_and_a_category_select”.

    I tried following your advice of changing meta-query to tax-query, and applying what I read here:

    I couldn’t get that to display any posts either, and it seems like it would also remove the acf functionality that I’m looking for in the first place…specifically, the ability for my client to manually select which category of post is being displayed on the page.

    Sorry if I’m not understanding you and/or not being clear myself. Looking forward to any additional thoughts, thanks!