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  • I’ve somehow gotten rid of the endwhile syntax error by cleaning up the comments elsewhere in the template.

    But I’m still left with no data displaying. I’ve fleshed out the snippet with the rest of the fields from that repeater field. This is the full code bit that I currently have, but still nothing displays.

    <div class="patrol-bulletin-data">
    	<?php if( get_field('summary_section') ): ?>
    		<php while ( has_sub_field('summary_section') ): ?>
    			<div class='summary-data'>
    				<?php the_sub_field('bulletin_summary'); ?>
    				<?php the_sub_field('location'); ?>
    				<?php the_sub_field('report_number'); ?>
    				<?php the_sub_field('incident_date'); ?>
    				<?php the_sub_field('incident_time'); ?>
    		<php endwhile; ?>
    	<?php endif; ?>