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  • Hello!

    I solve my problem with ACF & DMS.

    I have installed Pagelines Customize plugin and add filter to
    plugins/pagelines-customize/functions.php file.

    You can take plugin download link there (pagelines support forum):

    The code that work for me:`add_filter( 'the_content', 'add_acf' );
    function add_acf( $content ){
    if( ! is_single() ) // if were not on a post/page just return the content.
    return $content;
    $label1 = get_field_object('soc-dosl'); //set label of the field
    $field_1 = '<p>' . '<div class=”dop-dani”>' . $label1['label'] . ': </div>' . get_field('soc-dosl') . '</p>'; // set content of string – label plus field plus markup.
    return $content . $field_1; //Show result of concatenation of content with field label and field content