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  • Hi, sorry but I do not understand how to do it because I have no programming skills and my English is very low.

    I explain what I did and I want to achieve:

    I installed and added the function of secretion of galleries, I created the field and added to the post.

    Until there everything well as the purpose of creating gallery shows and I think the gallery but then not displayed since no code which I have to enter in the code of my template.

    My website is a directory where each customer can create your online profile and I bought your plugin directory since this theme does not contain the function to create galleries on items from customers.

    I would be helpful if you could say that deveria insert code to see the galleries created.

    If you want I can pass my private mail and password and can pay to do if you need it.

    Sorry for all this trouble, but your plugin is excellent and is the solution to my problem to make it work.

    Thank you for your collaboration.