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  • No JS errors on page. Success AJAX callback function does indeed run. (Is there any way to print JS errors from the AJAX request url?)

    Matched ID in JS acf/setup_fileds trigger to the $options[‘form_attributes’][‘id’] from when setting up form.

    Ran code after HTML was returned as well as attempted a 5000 milisecond timeout function to double check. (Not really necessary since the HTMl is returned before the AJAX success callback function is run).

    If you are familiar with Zurb Foundation, I am using this JS to return the HTML within the container DOM:


    $(".reveal-popup-button").click(function(event) {
        $("#my-popup-container").foundation("reveal", "open", {
            url: ajaxurl,
            action: "my_popup_ajax",
            type: "POST",
            success: function(data) {
                $(document).trigger("acf/setup_fields", $("#acf-ajax-form"));
            error: function() {

    And here is my WP AJAX action:

    function my_popup_ajax_callback() {
        echo "<div id="my-popup-content">";
            $args = array(
                "post_title" => "Draft",
                "post_status" => "draft",
            $id = wp_insert_post( $args );
            $html = my_popup_build_acf_form( $id, 12 );
            echo $html;
        echo "</div>";
    add_action( "wp_ajax_my_popup_ajax", "my_popup_ajax_callback" );

    And the function that returns the form’s HTML:

    function my_popup_build_acf_form( $id, $fieldgroup ) {
        $options = array(
            "post_id" => $id,
            "field_groups" => array( $fieldgroup ),
            "form_attributes" => array(
                "id" => "acf-ajax-form"
            "return" => add_query_arg( "updated", "true", get_permalink( $id ) ),
            "html_field_open" => "<div>",
            "html_field_close" => "</div>",
            "html_before_fields" => "",
            "html_after_fields" => "",
            "submit_value" => "Submit",
            "updated_message" => "Post updated.",
        acf_form( $options );
        return ob_get_clean();