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  • @RichB, @karlkinkin, maybe you guys should read that great article posted by @elliot : and this one also of not done yet :

    Here is a quick overview of what I understand from these articles, hope it helps :

    According to the atticle called “Using acf_form to create a new post”, by hooking to acf/pre_save_post, the function you assign (my_pre_save_post) receives an ID. This ID comes from the post_id passed to acf_form function. If you pass it “new” instead of a post ID, you can do whatever you want, such as creating a post, plus, your custom fields will be saved automatically if you return a post ID after your custom code is executed. You can also see that the function my_pre_save_post returns the post ID and does nothing else if the ID is different than “new”. This is because the function acf_form does the updating job automatically, so there is no need to hook to acf/pre_save_post here.

    Also, by adding the prefix “user_” to your ID, acf_form saves user metas instead of post metas. Ain’t that great !

    That said, @RichB, you might need to split your user management and post creation/updating in two separate pages. I don’t know exactly what your use case is but it looks you are calling acf_form with wrong parameters.

    Cheers !