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  • Hi Elliot,

    I just found out more. Both the values of the key and reference fields are correct in the database. But because I’ve manually created the fields, the values of the reference field in the acf_ post type didn’t correspond. I was thinking the values didn’t match because I was looking at the ‘key’ value in the admin side of ACF instead of directly in the database.

    I’ve tried editing the values of the reference field directly in the database, but that breaks the group admin side stuff of ACF. So I’ve tried exporting the field groups, editing the reference values in the XML and then importing. It worked for some fields, but others have now disappeared.

    It seems that my sloppy import/export actions and manually creating the fields have messed things up and this conversation did bring up the actual problem at hand so I’ll mark it as solved.

    I can let you know if I fixed everything for if you like to write something on migration in the future or if other people encounter the same problems.

    Thanks again!