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  • Well, we just have to find the right field type. So long as you haven’t updated or saved the posts since the update (fingers crossed!) the field data should still be available if you switch the field back to its old type.

    There may be a hint in the template code. By looking at, we can see that the site is reading the post-type-archive or post-type-archive-reports template. Checking out the Template Hierarchy, we can guess that the site is reading a file under the archive.php tree, possibly archive-reports.php. If you open up your theme editor (/wp-admin/theme-editor.php), see if you can find a file named something along those lines… pop that file open and see if you can locate the output for these missing fields.

    If you can’t find the field output in here, keep an eye out for <?php the_excerpt(); ?> or <?php the_content(); ?>, as the missing output may be printed inside a different file such as single.php.

    Looking at the source code of your link, the missing information appears inside a list:

    <ul class="files">
            <a href>
    <p class="meta">...

    So look around for that <ul class="files"> and check out the PHP inside the list that prints your missing field data. Depending on the PHP output, we may be able to figure out what field type it is! Post the code you find if it doesn’t make any sense!