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  • Thanks for your replay.

    This doesn’t make any sense to me also, to create a field with empty label and name. But, there is a theory that any software should be just ‘idiotproof’… So one should not be able to do something like that. Personally I just created an empty field by accident, it saved and broken my site.
    It is some kind of a standard in such a software, that the inputs are validated, because the user can really be ‘stupid’ or just overlook something. And, as I wrote, both fields are marked as required. But they are not in fact.

    So, again, I think it should done in the core of the plugin as there are two lines of code needed to check if the value is empty. And to create an empty name if the label is filled there are built-in functions in wordpress (‘sanitize_title’ ? ). I don’t really understand, why you don’t think it should be fixed?