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  • The Burma Campaign wanted to construct their own pages so that a page could have two or three promo boxes on the left, some centre column content, and two or three promo boxes on the right.

    I’ve attempted to solve this by creating a Promo Box CPT and then linking this to a page template with the ACF Relationship Field. In most places this works fine. Different promo boxes can be added to the same page. And the same promo box (Donate for example) can be added to different pages.

    The sticking point is category specific news. News is stored as posts and each has a category (or categories) assigned to it. The challenge is to find a way to allow the top five posts of a certain category (say those categorised: “Crisis in Arkan State”), to be displayed on a specific page (in this case, the Crisis in Arkan Stage page).

    I’ll happily go into more detail about how I’ve attempted to solve this problem but thought I’d stop here for now in case there’s a better way of achieving the result I’m looking for.